Funnier Than A Retard On Fire

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Holy Jesus H. God Damn Fucking Christ
(now that's how you blasphemy)


When Did I Get AIDS?

And how? Even HIV positive, hemophiliac, junkie lepers who suck truckstop cock for $5 a swallow have standards. Maybe what they say about a condom every time might have some merit.

Naaah, that's crazy talk princess. If you can't look and tell if a piece of ass is safe or at least pull out before you get infected then you deserve every immune deficiency syndrome you acquire.

Someone made a sticky spot on their tummy again.
Captain Douchebag

Portrait Of A Pedophile
Got any pre-teen boys you need babysat?

Atkins has nothing on the smack & cock diet.

Usually, repeated doses of reality will cure disillusionedness. Unfortunately when that doesn't work the condition isn't fatal.