Gayer Than Two Dudes Fucking

R.I.P.->Glorifying Ashley, Scott, Zach, Ashley & Debbie Lynn With Shit

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Memorial For Ashley, Scott, Zach, Ashley & Debbie Lynn

I don't know if you can read them from where you're sitting, but each cross had a name on it. From left to right:

Ashley, Scott, Zach, Ashley, Debbie Lynn

Now prepare to have your mind blown. Ok, Ok, I know, I know, the loss of just one Ashley sends me into horrible crying convulsions, but to lose 2 really tests your will to live. So before going to the mind blow, lets take a moment to have a good cry. Ok, after composing yourself, rearrange the first letters of all their names and you get:


Yeah, ZADALS. That's just fucking freaky man. Of course not as freaky as creating a mini-graveyard 15 feet from 18 wheelers doing 75 miles per hour and hauling pig shit. But hey, to each his own I guess.

I am one misspelling filled hate mail away from repenting, apologizing and giving my life over to christ. Send yours to jason@porkjerky.com. I am sure it will be the one.