Worthless As Tits On A Retard

R.I.P.->Honoring Brett, Shawna Loria & Morris Renata With Crap

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Don't Take My Word For It.
Here Are My Sources For
Brett, Shawna Loria & Morris Renata
Hermann, MO
Memorial For Brett, Shawna Loria & Morris Renata

This one looks like a shitty small town newspaper ad for the Home Decor Outlet--"Hi, I am Jason and just look at this lovely roadside cross tribute I put together for Brett, Shawna, Loria and Morris Renata. And I did it all fast and affordably with the help of the Home Decor Outlet, just 1 mile east of Hermann, MO, exit 155 right next to the Conoco Gas and Go. So drive like a madman to the Home Decor Outlet and put together your tacky vigil today. And tell them the faggot in the green coat sent you."

Yes, please do what you are thinking about doing. The address is jason@porkjerky.com. I can't have a 'Hate Mail From Dumbfucks' page without help from people like you.