I Got Your Voir Dire Right Here

Oh thank you Al Gore. Ambulance chasing has entered the 21st century. Not with a whimper but with a blog.

You can’t fart without hearing an ad for a parasitic attorney.

I Got Your Voir Dire Right Here

They’re everywhere: telephone book covers, bus benches, every other ad during daytime T.V., all over the not-so-local alternative newsweekly that’s owned by a billion dollar corporation and now at the latest Porkjerky.com Indeterminately Given Award Winning Blog: Personal Injury Lawyer News.

It’s a blog devoted to news about frivolous lawsuits. Actually, its main purpose is to advertise those ambulance chasers. Ads down the right column. A banner ad just below the title. Then more text ads right below that.

The best though is when you click on a title of the post thinking you will get more of the story. Big mistake. The front page lists a title and then the first paragraph of the story. When you click the title thinking you will be taken to a page with the rest of the paragraphs of the story, all you get is that title and paragraph again with a huge fucking ad. The individual pages of the blog are of no use, unless of course you didn’t get your fill of attorney ads from the main page.

The Personal Injury Lawyer News is another news aggregation blog gone horribly wrong. All it does is suck in a news story from another site, strip out the title, extract just the first paragraph and makes a post of it. What a truly noble site.

What’s that saying about lawyers and blogs? Don’t let 99.5% of the worthless pieces of shit ruin it for the other half of a percent.

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