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The God's Honest Scientific Truth1:
Dr. J. Curless, Esquire; Pediatric Ob/Gyn

Islam Literally Kills...

But not you, it kills children. And not just any children, but cute white ones. And when cute white children die because you practice Islam they don't get to go to heaven. Oh no. Islam not only harms you as will be explained below, but it condems, cute, innocent, white children who never did anything wrong, had their whole lives in front of them and who would have surely grown up to be war hero saints who find the cure for cancer and end world hunger; to an eternity in hell. Hope you're happy.

While this site is here for the children, it isn't here to point fingers and place blame on you for sending babies to hell because of your filthy, immoral need for the Muslim faith. No, this page isn't here to judge you and all those other soulless, turd munching, heretic fuck-for-brains who love being Muslim, but its here to lovingly embrace you and guide you into walking the correct path in life, no matter how fucking retarded you are. This page isn't about name calling, it is about educating people about the stone-cold, time-tested facts about Islam. Hopefully, once you have read the undeniable, scientifically proven1 consequences of Islam you will choose to stop being such a callous, child-endangering, godless prick.

Hopefully, for the children. And so the terrorists don't win.

I would like to say the below sideshow is a dramatization of what could or might happen if someone engages in being Muslim but it isn't. It is an actual recreation of events that will immediately happen to you everytime you practice Islam.

Islam: The Graphically Honest Truth1
The Dangers Of Islam
Play Back Next Brainwash Mode:
Prepare to have your mind blown with the scientifically proven effects of Islam.

Maybe you still aren't convinced and still think that "the Muslim faith" is cool. Well let me tell you something about being cool you little misguided Fonzi, Islam is definitely not cool. In fact, its totally uncool. Let's suppose that you are selfish and don't want to stop no matter how many babies you are personally responsible to sending to Lucifer. Well, there are also consequences for you that will absolutely occur.

Time and again, when people practice Islam, they always end up going blind1, being set on fire1, and spending the rest of their life in prison being ass raped by a big black man1 who is bigger and blacker than that guy in The Green Mile2. And all of that will absolutely, positively, without a doubt, certainly happen to you and there is nothing short of not being Muslim that will prevent it. Guaranteed.

Everytime you practice Islam it's as if you are poking your own eyes out, setting yourself on fire and lubing your own ass up for some aggravated, african sodomy. Is that the kind of life you want to lead? Is that how your parents raised you? Is that the example you want to set for the children?

Still not convinced? What if you were shown the irrefutable facts about Islam that have been proven thousands of times over in clinical studies by the world's leading scientists1? Well, let's see how "cool" and "bodacious" and "groovy" you think "the Muslim faith" is after you try these scientifically proven truths1 on for size:

Islam: Medically Proven Facts1
  • While scientists are not sure if people practice Islam because they are born that way, or if they are taught it; scientists do know that they all end up tortured in hell just the same.
  • Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Gargamel and Osama Bin Laden all loved the Muslim faith.
  • Numerous Congressional hearings on 9/11, Katrina, JFK's Assassination and Watergate all singled out Islam as the main, overriding cause of each.
  • Repeatedly punching yourself in the face and eating lye has been shown to slow the effects of being Muslim. Go ahead and try those now.

So, for the children's sake, remember that everytime you practice Islam; babies die, the terrorists win, the american way of life is endangered and you are literally begging to be set on fire, blinded, imprisoned and ass raped by a huge black man. Now that you know all the indisputable facts1 I trust you will make the correct decision in life. For the children.

Learn The Clincally Proven Truth1 About:

1.   No sources or citiations for any of the information on this page are necessary. All of the above statements are self-evident facts and obviously correct. If you question or disagree with any information herein you are probably a terrorist who has a selfish interested in spreading lies about Islam, are definitely a bias source who cannot be trusted and deserve the hell rotting that awaits you.

2.   Michael Clark Duncan.

Puns make the baby jesus feign laughter.