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Dearest Delilah,

I am sorry to write to you with a problem, but I trust you and know your will give me an honest answer straight from your heart. So here goes.

I got myself into a huge dilemma which isn't right. My boss is pressuring me into having sex with him and he inappropriately talks and touches me at work. I suspect my coworkers think we are having an affair since I don't rebuff his inappropriate actions. The problem is if I wanted to complain to his boss he would bring up our history, and my boss's boss's wife works with my husband's ex-wife's sister, so after my boss's boss learns of my sexual history it would work its way back to my husband.

You see, I first had an encounter with my boss 12 years ago in college. You could say I was the campus slut. My boyfriend at the time was the brother of my boss's roommate's brother's roommate at a neighboring college. One night those 4 (my boyfriend, his roommate, his roommate's brother, and his brother) decide to make a porn video of all 5 of us having sex. Long story short, my boss comes home early and we make it a six-some.

The second encounter I had with my boss was 3 years after that and is ironically how I got my current job. I was a stripper and was doing a party for my boss's second cousin's best friend's neighbor's bachelor party. After the show I offered $20 blow jobs and my boss was a three time customer that night. The last time I performed for him he offered me an office job. I told him up front that I would accept as long as no sex was expected, he agreed it would be business only at work.

This harassment has been going on since I started 7 years ago and is getting worse. I love my job, and my husband but I can't take this abuse any more and need a way out that doesn't involve sex with my boss or my husband finding out about my promiscuous past.

Thanks for your time,

Jane S Clossur

Porn Paradox: There is no ludicrous type of porn: 'Cow Raping Porn', 'Dead Haitian Porn', 'Trombone Player Porn', 'Oatmeal Porn'. Guys/gals exist who get boners for one or more of those. Self-Fulfilling Porn Paradox Corollary: By proxy, any porn that arouses no one; arouses someone by the mere idea that no one is aroused by it.