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Dearest Delilah,

I know that racism and bigotry are learned and not natural instincts in humans. Then again, so is algebra, so that doesn't necessarily make all learned things wrong or false. I was taught that whites are better than blacks, and that blacks only do the bad things they do because they are incapable of knowing what is right and wrong.

Now that I have moved from my small community to the big city, I see that there are a few specific instances of good blacks. For the most part though, they deserve the stereotypes they have made for themselves. The coloreds at work are lazy, stupid and in fact; are smelly. Most of them are single women with children and speak in ebonics. They always "gotsta ax me a kestion".

My delima is that I am involved, (and I think in love), with a mulatto. Now he's pressuring me to go with him and stay the weekend with his family. I don't think I could stand 2 days around his coon dad and nigger loving mom. I think something that shouldn't would slip out of my mouth and I would ruin our relationship would be ruined.

Worse than that, I fear he will expect to spend a weekend with my family. That is definitely never going to happen. I don't dare tell them about him for fear of being disowned. If I was to show up in our town with a half-black man, I would be lucky if only my reputation was killed. I know that he is one of the good ones, but unlike me, my family is racist and won't see him for who he really is.

Any Suggestions?

Sue J Carlsons

Not to brag, but last night I tore my girlfriend's pussy a new asshole.