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You too can have a great suicide note just like Kurt Cobain, Princess Dianna and David Caruso wrote without all that pretentious hijacker crap about "Allah this...jihad that...blah blah blah...20 virgins...death to american pigs...stay in school...mecca hajj tortilla" that all the kids are so into these days.

Select a reason, fill in your name, click a PS message and hit the "Write Note" button. Then, pussy out, take a 50-hour a week job you hate, marry the first person that feigns interest in you, have some dissappointing and ungrateful children, purchase a ton of your local sports team's merchandise, spend countless hours fantasizing about the happiness you are going to buy when you win Powerball and eagerly await your natural death.

* Porkjerky.com does not condone suicide. Of course Porkjerky.com does not, not condone suicide either. You do what you feel is best and remember--cut diagonally or long ways, not across
In some cultures a boy isn't a man until he decapitates and abdomen-rapes his first hooker. Think about that, and decide for yourself if our society is really that advanced.