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I can't count how many times I have been writing my governor, calling my mother, drafting my statement to the parole board, composing a eulogy or praying to god only to get stuck on the proper wording of how to address them. Granted, "you G.D., Doo-Doo Headed, N-word, Piece(s) Of F-ing Crud" is the gold standard for put-downs, but it loses its oomph when you whip it out at every motorist, customer, old lady, cashier, child and inanimate object that pisses you off.

So I created something that would keep my epithets as fresh as mountain spring dew on a once skanky vagina. In the above form you can choose the criteria you want your epithet to include and even enter a specific noun or adjective to use. Then click the button and one of (by my calculations) 633,011,847 epithets will be spit out for you.

Epithet Generator Nano
Seriously, dude, your computer sucks. I suspect Javascript is turned off.

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Paste the below code where you would like the above Epithet Generator to appear:

Now turd-gobbling, special olympic Myspace slutbuckets like yourself can have an epithet generator on your site as well. All I ask is that these generators, like A.I.D.S. and slavery, only be used to perform good in the world. The next paragraph is the only help you are getting in setting it up, so leave me the fuck alone idiottard.

First, choose the version of the Epithet Generator you want. Then, to have it appear on your site, or in a forum, or whatever deviant use you have for it, copy the code snippet and paste it where you want the thing to appear. Finally, and this is very important, if it doesn't work or you would like a different color or shape, or you want to resize it or you want to eliminate all the "nigger", "fuck" and "cunt" epithets or you have any other requests; then you should assfuck yourself anally in your own butt.

Remember, cut diagonally or long ways, not across.